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Daily Programme

Little Kiwis offers fun, innovative, educational programmes for each developmental age group. All programmes are planned and based on New Zealand’s Te Whāriki Curriculum, and are carefully evaluated to ensure each child’s developmental needs are met.


Our children participate in all types of learning, both indoors and outdoors: from skills in numeracy and literacy, to art, science, culture, music, drama, sports, gymnastics, and more. Interacting with the rich play environment, each day they engage in activities such as water play, the sandpit, play-dough, dress-up & imaginative play, storytelling, reading, etc. The children love to work together socially with each other, during games, artwork, exercise, role-playing, and so on. Everyday we also have mat time – for children and teachers to come together in fun-filled activities: singing, show-and-tell, discussions, storytelling, and much more.


Christian values are also implemented in the daily programme to help develop children’s personal character, as well as guiding them towards kindness to others, constructive thinking, and positive behaviour. Our Bible memory verse also helps to stimulate children’s use of memory, cognition, and linguistics.


Each of the children have their own portfolio to enjoy and browse. These are updated regularly with artwork and learning stories, and are also a record of progress for parents to see. We love to receive parents’ input, because learning from the school easily carries on into the home environment. That’s why we are always ready and eager to have a chat with parents about any of the children’s recent discoveries, or skills and interests developed.


Children are amazing little people, and we aim and strive to put in our very best efforts to learn, work, and experience life together with them!


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