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Settling & Transitioning

Transitioning from home to an early childhood centre, from one room to another, form one Centre to another, or to school, can be daunting for both the children and their parents. At Little Kiwis, we aim to provide a transitioning process that is positive, respectful and flexible for all involved. We seek to ensure that each child’s transition is handled sensitively and skilfully in order to optimise the benefit of attending Little Kiwis.

There are several approaches that we use to ensure your child’s introduction to Little Kiwis is a respectful and positive experience. They include:

1. Parent Induction—this is a pre-arranged time where parents are able to meet with their child’s teachers and share important information more freely about their child and we will also use this opportunity to share with the parents more about our Centre.

2. Prearranged Centre Visits—these scheduled visits usually start two or three weeks prior to your child’s starting date at the Centre and you will be able to stay with your child for up to 30 minutes.