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Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

Posted by on 15 July 2013

Every year at Little Kiwis, we celebrated the Māori Language Week together with the rest of New Zealand. As a multicultural centre, we have always been using various different languages throughout the daily programme, and children are often exposed with different cultural experiences. This reinforces children’s sense of belonging in the Centre as well as helps children to learn, understand and respect the differences within each culture.

During the Māori Language Week, we have done many activities that extend children’s knowledge and skills. Children developed communication skills and gained literacy learning experience as they practiced new phrases in Māori, sang Māori songs, and read stories about Māori legends. We baked Rewena (Māori Bread) together for our Thursday baking and everyone enjoyed working as a team to make the yummy bread. Throughout the week, we also experienced a wide range of activities, such as weaving putiputi (flax flower), dancing with pois’, dressing up in piupiu (traditional skirt), and making tipare (headband). The Māori Dance Concert on Friday 5th July was a big success: children from each class dressed up, performed their songs and dances, and thank you for all the whānau who came to support us!

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