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Newsletter – April 2018

Warm greetings to you all! What a fabulous March we have had with all of you at Little Kiwis! We trust you’ve had a good Easter holiday! As we are entering into April, we’d also like to remind the parents to bring a named light jacket/jumper for your child in case of the weather changes throughout the day.


Living Eggs

We had 10 living eggs in Little Kiwis in March, and there were so many amazing moments as we watch the eggs crack and chicks coming out from the eggs! Children were so fascinated by the chicks, and many learnings happened as we talk about eggs, chicks, living things and about Easter! We also had opportunities to hold and feed the chicks when they were a bit older. Praise the Lord that all the chicks were adopted to new families by the end of the two weeks.


Easter Programme

During the month of March, we talked a lot about Easter, including what’s the meaning of Easter, the story of Jesus, and about loving others as how Jesus loves us. Children had opportunities to learn and retell episodes of Jesus, such as the parables and the Easter stories, we also made lots of arts and crafts relating to Easter, such as eggs, bunnies, cross and chicks! It was such a joy to see the big turn out on Thursday during our Easter performance, thanks again for all the support from our families and whanau, and the children did a splendid job singing, dancing, and acting! What an awesome time of getting together and celebrating the beautiful lives that we have! A glimpse from last year. 


Formosa Festival – Wednesday, 18th April

We are very privileged to have the Mission Teams from Bread of Life Bang Chen Church, and Wegu Gospel Centre in Taiwan, to come and host an educational programme for our children! On Wednesday 18th April, we will be having the Formosa Festival, where we will exchange cultural experiences with the Mission Team and do lots of fun activities together! We also welcome families and whanau to come and enjoy the programme together with us!

Date: Wednesday 18th April 2018

Location: Little Kiwis ELC

Please feel free to contact us for further details. 

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